Why Ask Why

We are right around the corner from the 1 year mark of when this all started. In the beginning, I was asking the Lord “why”? Why is this happening to me, to us? What is the purpose for it all? Are there reasons that I can see now that will help this all make more sense to … More Why Ask Why

Sin and Cancer

I’m in for round 2 of phase 2 for this fight on chemo resistant chorio. Chemo resistant chorio is cancer cells that we thought had gotten killed off by some very severe drugs, but that just “played dead” until the coast was clear and then began to grow again. But guess what…chemo resistant chorio has … More Sin and Cancer

Happy Thanksgiving!

I woke up this morning, incredibly thankful for many things. This holiday is a great reminder each year of how much more thankful I should be throughout the year and not just during this season. I am constantly telling my kids to “be thankful” ; yet I need the reminder daily as well. This morning … More Happy Thanksgiving!