Sin and Cancer


I’m in for round 2 of phase 2 for this fight on chemo resistant chorio. Chemo resistant chorio is cancer cells that we thought had gotten killed off by some very severe drugs, but that just “played dead” until the coast was clear and then began to grow again. But guess what…chemo resistant chorio has nothing on the strength of my God! I discovered recently that there is truly “nothing new under the sun” as Solomon states in Ecclesiastes. God is already aware of all the problems and issues that we are facing in this world and they are not new. The word cancer is in the Bible! It feels like cancer is this thing that has been around for a while, but is growing and spreading and every other person walking by you on the street probably has, had or will have cancer at some point in their life. At first it can seem so hopeless. The truth is, it has always been there and we are just much better equipped to detect it and find it early.

2 Timothy 2:17 states “And their message will spread like cancer.” Now, that is not the end of the verse and I am not explaining the full meaning of this passage, but I was floored to find the word cancer in the Bible. That means that Paul (the author of 2 Timothy) either knew of cancer himself from experience or was divinely inspired as to what cancer was and how it spreads. So how does it spread, and why is he warning us of this? Rapidly most of the time, with no regard for what is in its way or what it is going to destroy or what effect it will have on the overall body. This brought me to another thought. Sin. Is cancer caused by sin? Directly I would say no, but indirectly in a way, maybe. Do I believe that I got cancer because I sinned in some way? No. I am not being punished for something. Sin however is rampant in our world and has caused things, including our bodies not to function in the way they were designed. “For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.” Romans 3:23

Sin does to the soul what cancer does to the body. There are numerous ways to sin and there are numerous types of cancer. Cancer kills. Sin kills. There is external sin that people can see that causes direct negative impacts on those close to the one sinning. There is cancer that immediately begins to cause symptoms, alerting the individual that something is horribly wrong and must be dealt with! Then there is the cancer that hides. The cancer that is slow-growing so it is present for years before it is discovered. It is still on a killing path and causing damage, but it remains undetected. This is often the most dangerous kind. This is like hidden or unseen sin. The sin on the inside of us, in our minds, in our hearts. No one else can see it and we may be able to hide it for a very long time or even ignore it ourselves and convince ourselves it isn’t a problem. But it is killing us just the same. If it is not removed, cut out, healed COMPLETELY it will kill us in a slow and very painful death. It is nearly guaranteed that as soon as someone found out that they had a slow-growing cancer in their body, they would have it dealt with to the fullest extent possible. Why do we treat our souls any differently? The part of us that is actually going to exist for eternity! Today, there are a number of ways we treat cancer, but there only one way to treat the sickness of sin….Jesus Christ.

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